Saturday, September 24, 2016

"My Week-end Reading"

 This week I read these three books, and enjoyed all three of them. "In Such Good Company" is the latest book by Carol Burnett, talking about her TV show from 1967-1978. I found it quite interesting since I was a fan of her show and watched it almost every week. She talked about some of the behind things that went on, guest stars, etc. Of course in that time period of my life I was busy raising my little family of 5. So always looked forward to a little down time and some fun watching her show. I enjoyed reading about their time putting their weekly show together, but like she said, it could never happen that way today in TV land. I really enjoy this time we had together, to share a laugh or two....

Recently I noticed that the book "A Street Cat Named Bob" was going to be made into a movie, therefore, I had to have the book to read first. I also noticed that there was a follow-up book about James and Bob "The World According to Bob" so read the two books back to back. I loved both books, now I can't wait to see the movie. It is a kind of memoir of James and Bob's like, how they met and how Bob more or less saved James life. Very interesting read...That's all from The Reading Corner today.....

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"Teetotaled" Book Tour

After her philandering husband died and left her penniless in Prohibition-era New York, Lola Woodby escaped with her Swedish cook to the only place she could—her deceased husband’s secret love nest in the middle of Manhattan. Her only comforts were chocolate cake, dime store detective novels, and the occasional highball (okay, maybe not so occasional). But rent came due and Lola and Berta were forced to accept the first job that came their way, ultimately leading them to set up shop as a Discreet Retrieval Agency, operating out of Alfie’s cramped love nest. 

Now they’re in danger of losing the business they’ve barely gotten off the ground—they haven’t had a job in months and money is running out. So when a society matron offers them a job, they take it—even if it means sneaking into a detox facility and consuming only water and health food until they can steal a diary from Grace Whiddle, a resident at the “health farm.” But barely a day in, Grace and her diary escape from the facility—and Grace’s future mother-in-law is found murdered on the premises. Lola and Berta are promptly fired. But before they can climb into Lola’s red and white Duesenberg Model A and whiz off the property, they find themselves with a new client and a new charge: to solve the murder of Grace’s future mother-in-law.

My Thoughts...

Maia Chance has a way of writing witty and ditzy characters who will lead you on thrilling adventures. Anyone who likes hijinks with their cozy mysteries will do a few back flips while reading this book.

There were a few laugh-out-loud moments in this period piece set in the 1920s, when slap-stick comedy was famous. All in all it was a fun reading experience I enjoyed for the last few days of summer.

MAIA CHANCE writes historical mystery novels that are rife with absurd predicaments and romantic adventure. She is the author of the Fairy Tale Fatal series, The Discreet Retrieval Agency series and the Prohibition-era caper, Come Hell or Highball.  Her first mystery, Snow White Red-Handed, was a national bestseller. Maia lives in Seattle, where she shakes a killer martini, grows a mean radish, and bakes mocha bundts to die for. She is a Ph.D. candidate for English at the University of Washington.

by Maia Chance
(Discreet Retrieval Agency, Book 2)
Minotaur Books; October 4, 2016
304 pages; $24.99 U.S.

ISBN: 978-1-250072214

A Thank You to the publishers for gifting me this book to read and review. I did not receive any type of compensation for reading and reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers and authors I am under no obligation to write a positive review.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"Sunrise Crossing" Book Tour

Return to peaceful Crossroads, Texas, where community comes first and love thrives in the unlikeliest places…

Yancy Grey is slowly putting his life back together after serving time for petty theft. As he rebuilds an old house, he finally has a sense of stability, but he can't stop thinking of himself as just an ex-con. Until one night, he finds a mysterious dark-haired beauty hiding in his loft. But who is she, and what secret is she protecting? 

The art gallery Parker Lacey manages is her life—she has no time for friends, and certainly not lovers. But when her star artist begs Parker for help, she finds herself in a pickup truck, headed for the sleepy town of Crossroads. A truck driven by a strong, silent cowboy… 

Gabe Snow has been a drifter since he left Crossroads at seventeen after a violent incident. When he accepts a job in his hometown, he'll have to decide whether he can put the worst night of his life behind him and build a future in the community that raised him.

My Thoughts....

I always enjoy reading novels by Jodi Thomas, I love her writing style, and the way she handles a story. She is a real storyteller, from page one through to the end of the book she kept my attention. She writes stories that when you reach the end, you don't want the book to end...

I loved this story. I liked the way the characters had a bit of mystery about them, how the light romance intermingled with each character connecting the storyline right up until the end.  Each time I read one of Jodi's books, I say, "She hit another one out of the ballpark." Each one seems to be better then the one before it. That was the case with this book. Jodi Thomas just keeps getting better and better with each book I read. Needless to say, she is one of my favorite authors, I can't wait for her next book to be published.

I would like to thank the publishers of this book for providing it for me to read and review. Also, I did not receive any type of compensation for reading and reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers and authors I am under no obligation to write a positive review.

JODI THOMAS has published over 30 books in both the historical romance and contemporary genres, the majority of which are set in her home state of Texas. Publishers Weekly calls her novels "Distinctive...Memorable," and that in her stories "[tension] rides high, mixed with humor and kisses more passionate than most full-on love scenes." In 2006, Romance Writers of America (RITA) inducted Thomas into the RWA Hall of Fame for winning her third RITA for THE TEXAN'S REWARD. She also received the National Readers' Choice Award in 2009 for TWISTED CREEK (2008) and TALL, DARK, AND TEXAN (2008). While continuing to work as a novelist, Thomas also functions as Writer in Residence at the West Texas A&M University campus, where she inspires students and alumni in their own writing pursuits.

Sunrise Crossing
by Jodi Thomas
Harlequin; August 30, 2016
$7.99 U.S.; 384 Pages