Friday, October 14, 2011

"Aloha Friday"

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. 

Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response. If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link below. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!
My question is....

Which would you rather do, read a good book, or talk on the phone?

I definitely am not a phone person. The only time I talk socially on the phone, is when someone calls me. I would much rather be reading a good book, that is when I am a happy camper.


  1. The phone has it's place, but I would much rather curl up with my book and/or Kindle.

  2. I agree, I'd rather be reading!

    This is a great meme! Maybe I will give it a try!

  3. I'm not a phone person either.

    Have a great Friday!

  4. Depends on who I am talking too : ) LOL!!
    Probably read a book!!

  5. When I was younger I talked on the phone all the time...for hours. But now, I rarely talk on the phone. I'd much rather read a book!
    Here's Mine

  6. Depends on who I'm talking to. I can talk for hours. However, I do enjoy reading.

  7. I am SO not a phone person, either - so I'd much rather curl up and read a good book! :)

    Aloha: (Not So) Express Care

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  9. I only talk on the phone when someone calls me too.

    I would rather read a book, except when talking to my BFF lol :)

  10. Reading puts me to sleep. I love to read, but as I said... So I guess the phone it is. I've got my two granddaughters tonight & we went out for dinner and had a great time. It was their reward for helping me paint the porch. Love my baby girls.

  11. I'd much rather read a good it depends on who I am talking to.

  12. Hi Anne,

    It is quite nice to talk with friends and family on the phone, but there comes a point when the conversation starts to flag, but neither of you wants to be the first to hang up.

    Email or blogging are not nearly so personal, but at least you don't have to keep a conversation going, you can walk away then come back and add another comment later.

    I hate texting, tweeting, or face booking. It takes ages for you to say what you really want to and then it is all abbreviated, which annoys me to death.

    Best just to curl up with a good book and shut the rest of the world out

  13. Definitely read a book, lately I have had to use the phone so much that I dread it when it rings. I am looking forward to when things calm down and I can just sit with a good book and read!!