Thursday, November 1, 2012

"October Wrap-Up"

October turned out to be a pretty good month of reading for me, considering I kind of fell into a reading slump toward the end of the month. Here are "My Thoughts" and a list of books I read in October.

1. Dewey's Nine Lives, by Vicki Myron*****
3. The Meryl Streep Movie Club, by Mia March*****
4. The Reversal, by Michael Connelly***
5. The Twelfth Child, by Bette Lee Crosby***
6. The Book of Peach, by Penelope J. Stokes**
7. Blackberry Winter, by Sarah Jio*****
8. Death by Bourbon, by Abigail Keam**
9. Match Me, by Liz Appel***
10. Mr. Knightley's Diary, by Amanda Grange****
11. Her Fake Romance, by Donna Fasano****
12. Wife By Wednesday, by Catherine Bybee***
13. Lady Justice and Cruise Ship Murders, by Robert Thornhill****
14. Pies and Prejudice, by Ellery Adams**
15. Leaves, by Michael Baron***

Out of the 15 books I read, I had 4 books I awarded 5*****, the favorite of these four books for me was...

BLACKBERRY WINTER, by Sarah Jio. I think I can safely say this book will be my favorite book for 2012