Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"The Watsons" Review

About the Book...
Jane Austen's The Watsons (1871) was written around 1803-1805. It presents the story of Emma Watson's return to her family after a long time away. Facing severe financial problems, the only hope for this family of four daughters and an invalid father is to get the girls married before their father's death. Though Austen did not complete this work, the fragment includes a segment by her nephew commenting on how she intended to finish the novel.

 There are a few books that some authors have taken the liberty to continue the story Jane Austen began, and finished the story. I have not read any of them, I have only read Jane Austen's unfinished story of The Watsons.

My Thoughts...
This was the first time I've read anything by Jane Austen other than the classic novels she wrote. In keeping with the times in which this was written, over 200 years ago, it basically follows her other books, talking about the balls they attended, who is attracted to who, and who is interested in who, or should that be whom? It seems all the women in her novels are looking for a rich man to marry and live happily ever after with. What she  intended to happen to Emma in this story we will never know, will she marry for love or money, Jane never finished the story, therefore, I will never know.

How Jane Austen had intended the "The Watsons" to continue, according to Austen-Leigh's Memoir: "When the author's sister, Cassandra, showed the manuscript of this work to some of her nieces, she also told them something of the intended story; for with this dear sister - though, I believe, with no one else - Jane seems to have talked freely of any work that she might have in hand. Mr. Watson was soon to die; and Emma to become dependent for a home on her narrow-minded sister-in-law and brother. She was to decline an offer of marriage from Lord Osborne, and much of the interest of the tale was to arise from Lady Osborn's love for Mr. Howard, and his counter affection for Emma, whom he was finally to marry."

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  1. wow, I wonder how she was going to finish the book.
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  2. I am so surprised I have never heard of this book. I need to do more Austen research!
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