Friday, December 30, 2011

"Gracie: A Love Story" Review

Gracie: A Love Story

With those now familiar words, George Burns and Gracie Allen bid farewell to devoted audiences at the end of each of their broadcasts throughout the Golden Age of radio and television. Now, in this moving portrait, George Burns tells the story of his life with Gracie, the dizzy comedienne whose "illogical logic" charmed America. Burns recalls their first meeting, the vaudeville tours,  family days in Hollywood, and their lasting friendship with Jack Benny and other entertainment greats. Here is one of America's most beloved comedians remembering the woman he loved best and the extraordinary life they shared together.

My Thoughts:
I was in a Vintage Reading State of Mind, so pulled this book off my bookshelf today to read.

Many of you young people may wonder, Who is Gracie Allen?...Well, let me tell you who she was...There was no one quite like her. Whether in vaudeville, on the radio, in the movies or on television, there was only one Gracie Allen: lovable, confused Gracie. She once decided to cut her vacuum cleaner cord in half so she could save on electricity, and who another time pleaded with her audience, "If I say the right thing, please forgive me." This book tells her story with love and laughter, by the man who knew her better than anyone else: George Burns. This, too, is the story of their relationship...a romance so strong it endured for forty years. This was a funny, moving story about one of America's favorite entertainers.

I liked this book so much I am awarding it 4****
I own this book, it is part of my personal library.

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    wow Gigi, this sounds really good. I had not idea who Gracie allen was.