Monday, July 25, 2011

"Musing Mondays" & "Book Images Monday" Memes

This week’s musing hosted by MizB asks…
Do you need to have your owned books out where you can see them, or are you okay with them being stored away?
I like displaying my unread books where I can see them.  I would never store my unread books away. I am not a re-reader of books, but  I still have a bookcase where I store the books I have read. It is a smaller bookcase, however when it starts to overflow, I go through the books and donate some to the library, and others I tell my neighbor to see if there are any she wants. After that they either remain on the bookcase, or I will be storing them in my camper to share with my daughters when I visit them. So my unread books are on my bookshelves where I can see them, otherwise I would forget what I have on the TBR pile.

Do you display your books or are you okay with them being stored away?


Don't you love this picture?
 I was drawn to it immediately. It was taken by my husband's Great Uncle Leo J. Beachy in the early 1900s.  He was the local photographer back then.

I'd love for you to participate in Bookish Images Monday, hosted by Cindy at Cindy' Book Club.

Remember, you do NOT have to post a ton of images--one will be fine if that's all you want to do! (I just tend to go a little crazy.)

They can just be interesting or pretty book covers if you want. Or just pictures of books, bookcases, libraries or bookstores.Or they can be humorous, or vintage, or related to movies based on books. They just need to be book-related in some way.


  1. I can't imagine putting away unread books. How would you know what you have? Read ones, that's a different story. We bring a lot up north when we make the big annual trek and the rest I give to the library for their bi-annual sale

  2. I admit it..I have unread boxes in storage boxes. I just wanted to keep them neat!!
    I would love to have all my books out,on nice shelves, but I am out of space.
    Maybe I need to move! Yes!
    Seems like a better idea than getting rid of some of them.

  3. New follower. I may have to start giving away books. Sigh!

    I love your picture!!! It is awesome. I love photos like that.

    Here is my answer

  4. That picture transports me back in time. It's amazing. Everyone always seemed so put together back then.

    I'm with you about storing books away. I have them out where I can see them or I give them away, trade them or donate them.

    here's my MM:

  5. I have a pile of unread books in the bedroom and another overflowing off the bookshelf in the living room. Now I just need time. :)

    Here's my answer:

  6. I can't put any unread books away...I'm afraid I'll forget to read them.
    Great photo!

  7. When I buy a book I have to read it right then.
    I do have a book case where I save the books I love and reread them after so many years. Others I give away. I do love old photo's.

  8. My unread books have to be on shelves where I can see them, or like you, I'd forget about them.

  9. I have too many unread books to keep on shelves. I have to store them away, but I have them on the computer so I know what I have to read.

  10. I would never store my books out of site either! I need them out where I can see them, for inspiration, to reference when I want to, to stare at lovingly... I can't imagine stuffing them in boxes or storing them in the attic or garage!

  11. What a lovely picture! I'm so drawn to it as well.

    Thanks so much for participating!

    Cindy @ Cindy's Book Club

  12. I have books on shelves, books in totes, stacks of books by my bed...they are everywhere.

    That picture is amazing! I wonder what the woman in the picture would think of us book bloggers?