Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Oogy," by Larry Levin: Review

From the book cover.

In 2002, Larry Levin and his twelve-year-old twin sons, Dan and Noah, brought their ailing cat into the neighborhood animal hospital to be put to sleep. What began as one of their family's saddest days took a sharp turn for the better when the oddest-looking dog they'd ever seen bounded into the waiting room and into their arms.

Larry and the boys assumed that this white puppy had been in a fire--he was missing an ear and half his face was covered in scar tissue--but they were soon told a different story. He had been near-fatally injured as part of a dog-fighting ring in the area, discovered by the police, and left at the after-hours service of the hospital. When the hospital administrator found him in the morning, he was so bloodied and battered she knew he had a slim chance of survival. But, determined to keep him alive, she convinced her veterinarian boss to perform a series of surgeries and readied him for adoption.

The Levins--Larry, his wife Jennifer, and their sons--accepted him as one of their own from the moment they met him. As the rambunctious puppy matured into a loyal and protective member of the family (dubbed the "Third Twin"), he marked himself indelibly on their lives, healing long-held wounds and showing the twins, themselves adopted as infants, that unbreakable bonds can be formed in all kinds of families.

My Thoughts: I am a pet lover, and I love stories about families and their pets. I was afraid this was going to be a sad story, but it really wasn't. It was sad to think that there are wicked people in this world who treat animals so atrociously.
This is a happy story of how this loving family who took Oogy into their family, and gave him nothing but love. It also tells about what a loving dog he was after all the suffering he was put through. It does not end sad, but has a happy ending. 

I loved this book, and gave it 5*****. I don't know if it is a book for all people, but if you are a pet lover as I am, I think you will enjoy the book.

This is my first book I read for my Animal Reading Challenge. 
I bought this book, it belongs to me. 


  1. It sounds like a wonderful read...

  2. I've wanted to read Oogy for a while now. Glad you enjoyed it, Gigi!

  3. It sounds like a heartwarming read!