Thursday, October 8, 2009

"All Fogged In..."

2009 is the year of Turkey in France - and in Paris in particular. A lot of events have been planned, but one of the most visible ones is the "new dress" that they put on the Eiffel Tower. That was my reason for downloading all these pictures of the Eiffel Tower today from the live camera. So we could all enjoy her "new dress." I found this information here.

The picture above was taken about a half hour after the one below, no fog, where did it go?
This is after dark, about an hour later, I think around 8 o'clock Paris time, and it is still all fogged in. But isn't it lovely, with an eerie kind of feeling.
I clicked on the live camera of the Eiffel Tower, I think around 7 o'clock Paris time, and there it is all fogged in. It looks like today in Paris was a gloomy day. It is a gloomy, rainy, day here in my little corner of the other side of the world, today. Paris is 7 hours ahead of me. I caught this picture around noon, my time, here in Iowa.

What is the weather like in your little corner of the world today?


  1. It's been an absolutely, glorious clear and mild sunny Autumn day here in the North East of England.

    Hope your weather clears tomorrow.

  2. Makes me want to start singing, "A foggy day, in London town..." except I should change London to Paris. And singing would probably make me start coughing so maybe that isn't such a good idea.