Monday, April 3, 2017

"As the Pig Turns"

Winter Parva is a “picturesque” (touristy) Cotswold village with gift shops, a medieval market hall, and thatched cottages. After a disappointing Christmas season, the parish council has decided to hold a special event in January, complete with old-fashioned costumes, morris dancing, and a pig roast on the village green.  
Always one for a good roasting, Agatha Raisin organizes an outing to enjoy the merriment. The rotary spit turning over a bed of blazing charcoals is sure to please on this foggy and blistery evening. But as the fog lifts slightly, the sharp-eyed Agatha notices something peculiar about the pig: a tattoo of a heart with an arrow through it and the name Amy.
“Stop!” she screams suddenly. “Pigs don’t have tattoos.”
The “pig,” in fact, is Gary Beech, a policeman not exactly beloved by the locals, including Agatha herself. Although Agatha has every intention of leaving matters to the police, everything changes when the Gary’s ex-wife, Amy, hires Agatha’s detective agency to investigate—and another murder ensues. With that provocation, how could any sleuth as vain and competitive (and secretly insecure) as Agatha do anything other than solve the case herself?
My Thoughts...This is only the second book I've read by this author, but should I find another book by this author on the sale pile, I may be inclined to buy it.

sometimes like a light-hearted cozy mystery with humor, fun characters, and plots with a few twists and turns, with  just enough danger to keep me reading and turning the pages. Well, M.C. Beaton did that for me in this story. I enjoyed it enough to award it 4****"Pig" stars...

I own this book and it is a part of my personal library.

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  1. This sounds like a super mystery, Gigi Ann! I hadn't heard of or about this one before. Wonderful, concise review!