Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"The Widower's Wife" Book Tour

Ana Bacon, a young housewife, tumbles off a cruise ship into the dark and deadly waters, but did she take her secrets with her?

Investigator Ryan Monahan is a numbers man. So when his company sends him the Bacon case, which could net a ten million dollar payout, Monahan doubts that her death is just a tragic accident. But the husband has a substantial alibi and a number of witnesses claim to have seen Ana fall. So the official ruling seems to be substantiated.

Still, the more Monahan uncovers about Ana’s life, the more he realizes how many people would kill to keep her secrets hidden. And the closer he gets to the truth, the greater the odds grow that he, too, will take a fatal fall.

Cate Holahan looks at the dark underbelly of a marriage from the perspectives of the detective and the victim in her tense and enthralling page-turner, The Widower's Wife.

I have to admit...when I agreed to read this book, I didn't know what to expect! But....once I started reading, I didn't want to put this book down. It is quite the page turner. For the last two days I had my nose in this book every chance I got. It was kind of a "Shhh! I'm Reading!" two days at my house this week.

This was a fast paced mystery, the action moves along at a crisp pace.

The author places her characters like playing cards, shuffles them with sleight-of-hand, and time after time I kept pointing to the wrong card. I changed my mind a few times about the twists and turns and didn't figure out where the story would lead me until the very end!

It was a comfortable read for mystery readers who want to spend an enjoyable time with interesting characters. Cate Holahan is a talented writer who knows how to keep the attention of her readers right to the end.

A thank you to the publishers who gifted this book to me to read and review. I did not receive any type of compensation for reading and reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers and authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review.

By Cate Holahan
Crooked Lane Books; August 9, 2016
304 pages


  1. I haven't heard of this one or the author but I love the sound of the blurb and am in the mood for a "shh I'm reading kind of book". It sounds like a great fast paced read and perfect for summer!

  2. Happy Saturday! This sounds like a great book for the summertime.
    Gigi Ann, I've been away on a trip but am back now. Enjoy your weekend.