Thursday, March 3, 2016

"Of Moth & Butterflies"

Archer Hamilton is a collector of rare and beautiful insects. Gina Shaw is a servant in his uncle’s house. Clearly out of place in the position in which she has been discovered, she becomes a source of fascination . . . and curiosity.

A girl with a blighted past and a fortune she deems a curse, Gina has lowered herself in order to find escape from her family and their scheming designs. But when she is found, the stakes suddenly become dire.

All Gina wants is the freedom to live her life as she would wish. All her aunts want is the money that comes with her. But there is more than one way to trap an insect. An arranged marriage might turn out profitable for more parties than one.

Mr. Hamilton is about to make the acquisition of a lifetime. But will the price be worth it? Can a woman captured and acquired learn to love the man who has bought her?

My Thoughts....

 This book was really looooong. (610 pages) By the end I wanted to kick the 2 main characters from here to kingdom come!  If I had to read one more conversation about trust, failure and courage, I was going to scream... (I think I did a few times, at least in my head).

What in the world happened here? This book started off to a pretty good start, but 4 days later, I was still reading this. Why? I kept thinking it would get better. But it didn't!  I figure in 300 pages the story could have been told and probably been a nice enjoyable story. But come on, this book was never going to be the "Great American Novel" whether is was 610 pages or 300 pages.

While I was reading I kept saying to myself: "Where was the editor? Was there an editor?  Was her best friend the editor and afraid to have a talk with the author?" I guess I'll never know...

It had a lot going for it in the beginning, but then it started hashing over the same things, over and over... The only thing that kept me reading was I like stories of Victorian England.

I don't know what the author wanted  to accomplish with the hero/heroine. What she did accomplish was the fact that they came across as weak and indecisive.  Especially Imogen.  And Archer grated on my nerves, he was such a coward, Who did he want to please, his wife or his uncle, he couldn't have it both ways....

I decided to finish this book after I started it even though it took parts of 4 days. The story wasn't all bad, but it was just to long and drawn out. Therefore I decided it was only worth 2.5 "Small Butterfly" stars. This book was a freebie, probably found it on Bookbub, so no money lost on this one. Will I ever read another book by this author...NO!

This book is a part of my Kindle library.


  1. Gigi Ann, thanks for your honest review. I like the title of this book. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it more. Have a terrific weekend!

  2. Indeed, it's tooooo long, Gigi. I understand you here. I liked the setting and the main characters very much, but it actually bored me to death to finish those 610 pages!
    Kelly (an essay helper at Writing Reviews Community)