Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"From Pigtails to Chin Hairs"

In "From Pigtails to Chin Hairs: A Memoir & More," Becky Lewellen Povich takes us from her young Midwestern childhood in the 1950s to present day. 

Chapters are vignettes of everyday happenings, or unexpected events, written in the way only Becky can, with humor and poignancy woven into them. It begins with her years of summertime fun, Christmases, the neighborhood kids, classmates, trips to the dentist, and long car rides to visit grandparents in Iowa. 

Becky willingly shares the bittersweet times which include her parents' divorce, major disappointments, preteen and teenage angst, a whack on her head from a falling crowbar, and her ill-fated first marriage, spent mostly in Germany. She also comically writes about her happy second marriage, cell phones, dishwashers, and how she was born with a klutz gene.

My Thoughts...

I found this memoir by Becky a delightful story of bits and pieces of her life. She brought back many memories of my own life when I was a youngster. She talks about her 'klutz gene' but I say join the klutz club, Becky. I, too have fallen around all my life. (Most recent, April 9, 2015, I broke my arm that day!)  However, it was much more fun reading about all your funny falls, and much more.  

Reading her memoir was a week of fun filled days, I didn't want the book to end, therefore I only allowed myself to read about 50-70 pages a day, that way it lasted a lot longer before I reached the end. I even read two other books to make this one last longer, so I wouldn't reach the end so quick. All I can say about this book is "I Loved It." 

I followed Becky on her blog as she shared her ups and downs about her writing of her memoir. I pestered and pestered her about when can we get a copy, finally she took pity on me and gifted me with her book.

A big THANK YOU Becky it was a joy to read your memoir. Did I say I loved the book so much I awarded it 5 'Chin Hairs'? I am looking forward to the sequel coming when? Only Becky knows....  

Becky's Blog

I did not receive any type of compensation for reading and reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers and authors I am under no obligation to write a positive review. 


"Not Romantic"
Sweet, Austen-inspired treats, perfect with a cup of tea. 

 Full of hope and ripe with possibility, beginnings and new beginnings refresh the spirit with optimism and anticipation. 

Not Romantic 

Once burned is twice shy. Charlotte has no place for romantic notions or sentimentality. All she asks is a comfortable home and a man who is respectable and steady. 

But the only man she knows who fits that description pines for her best friend. Must she betray her friendship to pursue everything she has ever hoped for? 

 From the award winning author of Given Good Principles, Remember the Past and Mistaking Her Character, Sweet Tea short stories offer the perfect bite to transport readers back to the Regency era for the first days of new love. 

My Thoughts...

This was just as it said: "Sweet Tea Short Story". Based on some of Jane Austen's character Charlotte, and Lizzy. But on Saturday afternoon that was what I needed. Just a nice short story to get me through the afternoon. It seems no matter how hard I try, I just need something to read each day, and since the week-end was upon me, and I had plans for a T.V. marathon on Sunday, I didn't want to start a book that would take a day or two to read.

 So now on to... Sunday afternoon until bedtime I watched T.V. I watched some of Fuller House on Netflix, Maverick, (the old TV show from 1958-59) on DVD. Murder, She Wrote, Cheers, and Frasier on Netflix. And then it was time to watch the Red Carpet Stroll before The Oscars, after which I watched The Oscars show. 

I thought Chris Rock did a nice job hosting the Oscars show, considering, it was a sticky affair to say the least. There are some who I'm sure do not agree with me, but that is alright with me. We each have our own opinions about the circus surrounding the Oscars this year.

Anyway, sad to say I never heard of these movies chosen for the best picture award, however I was glad to see Leonardo finally won the Oscar for Best Actor. I only ever saw him in Titanic, and thought he did a nice job in that movie. 

That does it for this week-end, now on to the new week, new month and new book, one that has been on my TBR list far to long...first book of March is "Of Moths and Butterflies". by V. R. Christensen.


  1. Gigi Ann,

    I'm glad you enjoyed this--but I am not sure about the 5 'Chin Hairs'!!

  2. The memoir sounds amazing! I love a good memoir especially if there's lots of humor. I love Murder She Wrote! Each episode is like it's own cozy mystery and I just love Angela Lansbury. I've seen Leonardo DiCaprio in several movies but not this one. I think my favorite of his is The Aviator where he plays Howard Hughes. He did an amazing job.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and I forgot I also saw him in "The Aviator" and thought he did a nice job in that movie also. I forgot about it...

    2. Hi Katherine P ~ It sounds like you would definitely like my memoir. There's plenty of humor, even laugh out loud events!

    3. Thanks so much for the surprise review, Ann! And gosh, you added my cover to the top of your page. Wow! Thanks a bunch!