Monday, February 22, 2016

"The Wrangler's Mail Order Bride"

Clara had spent most of her life working in her friend Sadie's bakery in cold, snowy Chicago. Until Sadie lost the bakery and moved to Arizona to marry a man, sight unseen. Soon after, Clara was at a crossroads when her brother announced that he and his wife were moving to New York City and she should go with them. She’d also received a letter from Sadie asking her to be the bride of a friend of theirs, a horse wrangler. As Clara had just had an interesting experience with some horses in the cold, a move to warm Arizona Territory instead of New York City was a more appealing adventure. 

Hank had spent his life on the open trail, driving cattle across state lines for his father, a gentleman rancher. He’d spent many long days and quiet nights out under the stars, working with horses and molding them to be the best they could be. Now, he was ready to leave the trail and do what he loved—train horses. When his grandfather passed away, leaving him property that would be perfect for horse-wrangling, he thought his problems were solved. There was one catch, though—a big one. He couldn’t inherit the property unless he was married. Clara was suggested as a possible bride and he gratefully agreed. He had no idea his bride knew more about horses than he realized. And about people. 

When a tragedy threatens his fledgling business, Hank must decide between his father’s wishes that he stay on the trail, or his dream for his own future. Would his father succeed in tearing them apart or would Clara be able to convince Hank that the two of them belonged together after all?

My Thoughts....
Once again, the story is complete and a stand-alone book. I like mail-order-bride stories, especially when they have a happy ending. I will probably read more stories in this series. I liked the cast of characters, strong women, likable family members, except for the Father, he had a nasty personality. 

I really got annoyed at him, he was a bully, (in my way of thinking.) It was always his way, or no way. He didn't want to listen to what anyone else thought about a situation. And the excuse everyone used was... he wasn't always like this, he changed after his wife died two years ago. They used that excuse over and over and over...yada, yada, yada...until it became very annoying....
Nevertheless...believe it or not, I did enjoy the book and decided to award it 3 wrangler stars. This book is part of my Kindle library.

WOW! I'm finally caught up with my reading and my thoughts about the books I read last week and today. Now on to something else. I think I will choose a cozy mystery to read next. Take a little break from my Mail-Order-Brides and their woes and angst...

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  1. Gigi Ann, I'm glad you enjoyed this book. I should read a book about Mail-Order-Brides!