Friday, February 12, 2016

"Canceled Vows"

Police Chief David O’Callaghan and Chelsea Adams’ wedding day is fast approaching. Unfortunately, at the last minute, David discovers that there is one small problem to be taken care of before he can walk down the aisle—divorce his first wife! 

Lauren Carr takes fans of the Mac Faraday mysteries to the Big Apple in this nail biting adventure. In Cancelled Vows, David, Mac, and Gnarly, too, rush to New York City to dissolve David’s marriage to an old girlfriend—and he’s got five days to get it done. When murder throws up a road block, it is up to David’s best man, Mac Faraday, and Gnarly, K9-in-waiting, to sort through the clues to get David to the church in time! 

My Thoughts...

I really enjoy this series about Mac Faraday, and his crew of characters, animal and human! I always enjoy my visits to the fictitious Spencer Mountain, at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. Talking about the characters, they are like visiting old friends.

The story had some major plot twists, and a few mental cases here and there. This story drew me right in from page one, I was like...what? How can that be? I had to read on to find the answers to those questions. I liked the fast action, always thinking I had things figured out, and the story changed direction.

Mac and Gnarly were on their toes at every twist and turn, as usual. Gotta love that Gnarly! He keeps the smile, in smile on my face... It was a fun joy ride following the characters throughout this story. Even though this is a book in a series, it is a stand-alone book as well. This was another 5 star reading experience for me. This book is a part  of my Kindle library. 

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  1. Gigi Ann, I'm glad you enjoyed this mystery! It sounds like a very good one. I've just posted a giveaway for a set of cozy mysteries. I hope you will stop by!