Friday, January 22, 2016

"The Tender Texan"

Jodi Thomas knows how to write absolutely scrumptious heroes--both incredibly loving and tender, but also formidable western heroes who know how to handle themselves and to take care of their women. 

Anna Meyer offers one hundred dollars to the Texas cattleman who can help her forge a frontier homestead. Chance Wyatt agrees to settle down and build a home with a lovely stranger. The boy in him never considered the possibility of love. But the man in him can't deny the passion that Anna brings out in him. They vowed to live together for only a year, but as the challenges of the savage land bring them closer together, neither can resist the aching desire that inflames their hearts-and touches their souls. 

My Thoughts...

Even though I enjoy Jodi Thomas' books, I found this one lacking. It was not a favorite of mine. It was one of her older books, the copyright was 1991,

To begin with the book was lengthy, and it became repetitious. Especially with Chance having to prove himself over and over and over again. While Anna on the other hand just needs to show up and be sweet, but, then all of a sudden she looses her temper over nothing, at least Chance doesn't know what he did that set her off yet again. This became very annoying after a while, I just wanted to tell Anna get over yourself! and move on.

By the time they have the big love scene I wondered why he hadn't moved on by now. Or maybe not. It's not a bad story, but not a great one either. This story just was not one of Jodi's best.

I decided it was worth 3 "Very Tender" stars. This book is part of my Nook library.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts about this book by Jodi Thomas. Have a great weekend, Gigi Ann!