Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"The Moving Finger"

A series of poison-pen letters has shattered the peaceful way of life in the quiet village of Lymstock. No one is safe from the scathing accusations and alarming threats contained in these vicious notes, and everyone is wondering who the sinister mind is behind them.

Neighbor suspects neighbor, and it seems that no one is free of motive--not the village, not the vicar, not the servants, not even the newcomers, narrator Jerry Burton and his sister, Joanna.

The stakes are raised when one victim apparently distraught over the content of the letter she received, takes her own life.

Fortunately, Miss Jane Marple is staying on as the vicar's houseguest. With her keen insight into the mysteries of human nature, she is the only one able to sort through the finger pointing and put an end to the terror.

My Thoughts...

I must say I haven't read an Agatha Christie book in quite awhile, and this one has been on my TBR pile for a few years, so decided to give it a try...I think it is one of my favorites of all her books I've read so far, but then I tend to say that after each book of Agatha's I read...

I must say I rather liked this story, even though it is a Miss Marple mystery, Miss Marple doesn't show up in the book until the last part of the book, and of course she neatly ties everything together and figures out the author of all those nasty poison-pen letters and solves yet another mystery.

Agatha Christie is one of my favorite mystery writers. She has intrigued, thrilled and baffled readers for nearly a hundred years and the magic is as potent as ever. The champion deceiver of our time.

I enjoyed this book so much that I decided to award it 5 "Moving Finger" stars.

This book is a part of my personal library and I own it.


  1. Ah I love Agatha Christie, when I was younger I discovered my mom had a whole box full of Agatha Christie books in the attic, so I read quite a few (my mom loved those books as well), however I don't remember this one!! Thank you for a great review and fond memory!!

  2. Gigi Ann, this sounds like a wonderful mystery! I enjoyed your upbeat review. I'd really like to read more mysteries in 2016.

  3. I haven't read this one in a long time but I do love it. I agree that it is very loosely a Marple mystery. I remember the first time I read it I kept flipping back to the cover to check and see if it was since she isn't actually in it for quite awhile! Thank you for reminding me of this one. I'm looking forward to rereading it.

  4. I have never read an Agatha Christie novel. Must do this soon. I loved all the TV series but my favourite is the one starring Joan Hickson. She was fantastic. So got to check the local library stocks!

  5. Ohhhhhhhh you think this is one of her best, definitely adding to list, this may be the one :-)

  6. Being someone who loves mystery, crime, anything to do with the justice system in my reading material, it's pretty shocking that I only actually read Agatha Christie for the first time last year. I started with And Then There Were None, but have progressed further than that as I'm not too sure where to go from there with so many novels written by the wonderful Christie. I'll be sure to keep my eye out for this one because it interests me greatly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Reading With Jade