Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge"

A savage rape on hallowed ground. Secrets buried for decades by the town’s most influential family. 

Now Rennie Perini will learn the Great Oak’s secrets as construction begins at the Fagan mansion. She can’t afford to turn down a job that promises to stir up the long-buried guilt—and the passion—she shares with powerful Troy Fagan.

She’s already juggling the most important job of her career with her new responsibilities as a foster mother for young Walt and Emma Korchek. And there’s a hard, older man on the construction crew with eyes void of emotion—cold and killing. The secrets of his brutal past will pose a grave threat to the children in her care. Will she find the courage to face him?

My Thoughts...

First off I have to say I put off reading this book for two reasons...(1) I don't like the title, and I still don't...(2) When I read the synopsis it starts off by saying..."A savage rape..." If I know ahead of time I usually don't read stories that involve rape. However, Ms. Nolfi interwove it into the story, but didn't get graphic with it. (It was not in your face with every little detail.)

After I faced up to my idiosyncrasies, and settled down to actually reading the book I found it interesting. It had a bit of mystery, intrigue and just the right amount of light romance to keep me interested and turning the pages. Actually, I enjoyed it enough to award it 4 "Old Oak Tree" stars.

This is not the first book I've read by Christine Nolfi. I've read all 5 books in the Liberty series, and each one was interesting in its own sort of way. Even though it is a book in the series, it is also a stand alone book.

This book is a part of my Kindle library.

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  1. Gigi Ann, thanks for sharing your honest thoughts about this book. Certain subjects are difficult for me to read as well. I'm glad you liked the book.