Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Fall Reading Challenge"

Jenn at "A Daily Rhythm" is hosting a "Fall Reading Challenge."
So, the challenge started Thursday, September 10th, and she plans to “challenge” herself to finish as much as she can before....
Thursday, December 10th, 2015.

She is inviting all who would love to join in the challenge to join her. Just hop on over to "A Daily Rhythm" and sign up. She will love to have you join in the fun.

I am hoping to see my TBR pile go down by 10+ books. I hope I can read 20 books from now until December 10th, 2015.
1. "Bluebells in the Mourning" by KaraLynne Mackrory****
2. "Love Muffin and Chai Latte" by Anya Wylde*
3. "Demise in Denim" by Duffy Brown***
4. "The Chef's Mail Order Bride" by Cindy Caldwell****
5. "Place Your Betts" by Katie Graykowski**
6. "Can't Stop Believing" by Jodi Thomas***
7. "Mail Order Mama" by Kristen Osburne***
8. "Rose Harbor In Bloom" by Debbie Macomber****
9. "I Really Do Miss Your Smile" by Susan May Warren****
10. "Buckingham Palace Gardens" by Anne Perry**

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  1. Gigi Ann, thank you for presenting this Fall Reading Challenge. I will take a look!