Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Be My Texas Valentine"

In Texas, Valentine's Day is for restless hearts, brave second chances, and passions rekindled. New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas, Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda, and DeWanna Pace tempt you with four delicious treats. . .

Out on these rugged plains, love never comes easy. And four daring ladies will do whatever it takes to capture the hearts of four irresistibly sweet-talking Texans. . . When a quiet foreman comes to the aid of a mystery lady, they'll find that this perfect starlit night is made for courtin'.... A determined heiress gambles high to reclaim the rancher she's never stopped wanting. . .. When a spirited lady and a go-getter mayor compete for their town's future, it's two dreams for a lifetime. . .. And to attract a lonely doctor's attention, a shy young woman needs courage--and two unlikely matchmakers. . .

My Thoughts...

Jodi Thomas is one of my favorite authors, so when I found this book at a library book sale I grabbed it, not noticing that it was four short stories by four different authors. Jodi just being one of the authors. What a nice surprise, now I will become familiar with three new authors.

I've read the first two novellas in the book and enjoyed them both. I will read the other two stories at a later time. 

Today is Friday, February 13, 2015...I finished the book and enjoyed all four of the novellas. They were the fluffy mind candy  "G" rated kind of books I like. And I also have three new authors and their books to look forward to reading.

Today I went to visit my favorite bookstore, B & N, and found three new books. I just can't wait to start reading them. While there I found this cute little bookmark, I love bookmarks. 

It has a good reminder: "Follow Your Dreams". What a fun thing to think about. Now I just have to figure out what dreams do I want to follow?

The weather was great today, sunny and bright, just what I needed to get me out of my funky mood. And let me just say, "A visit to the bookstore always helps to get me out of my funky moods." I meandered around throughout the shelves of books for about an hour. Then I found a cozy little corner and started to read one of the books until hubby came and found me. After that we went for Chinese Food to go, and headed home. It was just a wonderful fun-filled day for me today. 


  1. Gigi Ann, I enjoyed reading your post. The bookmark is so lovely! :)

  2. I like that bookmark too! Enjoy your week. Trips to B&N are always nice.