Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Never Trust a Cowboy"

When a Cowboy Comes Calling… 

The last thing harried Lila Flynn needed was another cowboy to deal with. But new hire Del Fox was different than most sweet-talking wranglers. The hard worker had a gentle touch and eyes that spoke of a past he didn't share. Lila soon found her hardened heart softening, frightening her more than any other hurdles she was facing. 

Del's assignment in Short Straw, South Dakota, was meant to be fast and simple. Falling for Lila Flynn, however, had complicated everything. If he did his job right it would mean destroying everything Lila had worked for. He'd given her every reason never to trust him again. But when all was said and done, would she trust their love enough to give them a second chance?

My Thoughts...

When I was offered this book to read and treat myself to a little 'me time'  by the publishers at Harlequin I said to myself...you deserve a bit of 'me time.' After all it is winter, and just the thought of curling up with Harlequin's hunks and heartthrobs on a cold winter day sounded like just what I needed to get warmed up on these short days and long cold nights.

I enjoyed this book because it wasn't just a romance book, but it had a twist of mystery mingling throughout the storyline. The storyline flowed along smoothly keeping my attention right to the end. 

If you enjoy romance novels with a bit of mystery thrown in you will probably enjoy this story of a Cowboy and his girl.

Thank you to the publishers at Harlequin for providing me this copy to read and give an honest review. I enjoyed it enough to award it 3 "Cowboy Spurs" stars.

I did not receive any type of compensation for reading and reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers and authors I am under no obligation to write a positive review.


  1. Gigi Ann, this sounds like a book worthy of 3 "Cowbow Spur" stars. Fun review!

  2. I was on the fence about this book and believe I will now read it. Thanks for the review.