Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"I Heart Paris"

Angela Clark is in the City of Love—but her own love life is in major trouble.

Angela has officially made it in fabulous New York City. She's got amazing friends, an incredible job blogging for The Look magazine, and the perfect indie rocker boyfriend Alex—who seems very keen on moving in together.

When Alex suggests a trip to Paris at the same moment hip fashion magazine Belle offers Angela a chance to write a piece, she jumps at the opportunity. The timing couldn't be better! After all, what's more exciting than writing an article on the trendiest spots in the romantic capital of the world?

Meandering along charming streets and perusing Paris's hot destinations—all in the name of research—Angela decides she could get used to the joie de vivre of Paris. But there's something awry. It looks like someone is conspiring to sabotage her big break. And when she spots Alex having a tête-à-tête with his ex in a Paris bar, Angela's dreams of Parisian passion start crashing down around her.

My Thoughts...

I decided when I chose this book I wanted to read something just for fun to start the new year of 2015. This was a cute little book in the beginning, but, all Angela's angst got old pretty quick. Actually, it got pretty annoying. Talk about immature, she was almost 30 years old, it's time to grow up and act like an adult. It got so annoying her getting drunk all the time. If I would have been Alex (her boyfriend) I would have ran as fast as I could in the other direction. This is the first time I read a book by this author, and it will be the last one. I found this book for a dollar when a bookstore went out of business. Because I didn't really enjoy this book all that much I am awarding it 2 'heart' stars.

This book is a part of my personal library.

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  1. Gigi Ann, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I hope the next book you read will be more to your liking.