Thursday, January 15, 2015

"Following His Heart"

Sara Carson is a 30-something widow with a busy life. Two fun-loving best friends, a caring mom who needs her, and a thriving sweet shop. What more could a woman want? But when the ancient plumbing in her shop springs a leak and a gorgeous, dark-eyed stranger rushes to her rescue, hilarity unfolds—and Sara quickly sees exactly what she’s been missing.

Something most peculiar draws Landon Richards to Ocean City, Maryland—and to the lovely Sara. This woman touches his heart like no other, and the two of them explore the heady attraction that pulses between them. But haunting dreams have a way of encroaching on reality, and the strange phenomenon that brings these two together will also threaten to tear them apart.

This is the first book in the Ocean City Boardwalk Series, where life for three enterprising women, Sara, Heather, and Cathy, isn’t just fun in the sun—love is waiting on those sandy shores!

My Thoughts...

As I was reading this story I was reminded of one of my favorite movies: "Return to Me." The book "Following His Heart" was a nice sweet story that moved along quite nicely and quickly. I read it in parts of two days. It could be read in a day. 

I have always enjoyed Donna Fasano's books. I really liked the strange twist the story took. It made for very interesting reading. It even had me googling some things in it to those things really happen, and I found that yes they do sometimes! I can't say what those things were, you will have to read the story to find out...

A big THANK YOU to Donna Fasano for providing this book for me to read and give an honest review. 

This book is a part of my Nook library and I enjoyed it so much I am awarding it 3 stars. Sometimes when I enjoy the storyline of a book, there are certain parts of the book that I question and don't really like that well, that is why the 3 stars. 

I did not receive any type of compensation for reading and reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers and authors I am under no obligation to write a positive review.

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  1. This sounds good, Gigi Ann. Nice review today! What type of stars does it get?