Friday, September 12, 2014

"Bayou Born"

Branna Lind's self-esteem rests at the bottom of the Mississippi River. She canceled her "wedding of the decade," though she isn't saying why. She wants life on her own terms, no ready-made job in the family business, no safety net of close-knit kin, and no more betrayal. 

College professor James Newbern prizes his bachelorhood. Experience has taught him beautiful women are high-maintenance trouble and Branna fits that type. He is happy to avoid her until the college vice president assigns him to mentor the newest hire--Branna. 

Branna is on her way to a new life, but will the scars of the past send her running from love? If she doesn’t, will she convince James that she truly is his "type"

My Thoughts...

This is the first book I've read by this author, Linda Joyce. I'm kind of on the fence about what I feel about it and the characters. 

James is what I thought was suppose to be a nice southern gentleman, and a professor....however, on a non-date with Branna he took her to a honky-tonk hole-in-the wall kind of joint. Branna got a little tipsy on an over-sized drink. However...what followed, (and this is only my opinion) took away the "southern gentleman" title from what I thought of the 'nice' James. Well that is as much as I can say about that situation, without giving away to much of the story.

It was a normal boy meets girl story, with a few hurdles to jump before we reach the happily-ever-after ending. I was surprised at the "Hey was that the ending?" until I realized this was the first book in a 3 book series. It was a stand-alone book however, so no cliff hanger ending. 

This book is a part of my Kindle library and I enjoyed it enough to award it 3 Bayou falling stars.

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  1. Hmmm I wonder what James did then if he wasn't behaving like a gentleman.