Friday, May 23, 2014

"Falling In Love With Her Husband"

Todd Brothers loves Ann Statesman with a love that is tender and passionate. He would do anything for her, so when she asks him to take her with him to Jamestown, North Dakota, his heart cannot refuse her, though he knows she marries him to get out of Virginia where the memory of Kent Ashton and Rebecca Johnson's engagement will finally escape her mind. Todd hopes that given time, she will learn to love him, so he determines to be the kind of husband God wants him to be. In his desire to be patient for her heart to open up to him, he allows her to wait until she's ready before consummating their marriage, for he longs for her to want him. Though the waiting period is rough, he learns that love means putting her needs before his own. Todd will be patient with her. 

Just when he believes she has finally given her heart fully to him, Kent returns and threatens to shatter the hopes he had that she might want to be with him instead of Kent. When he sees her kissing Kent, he wishes to believe that Kent forced the kiss, but can he dare to hope she tells the truth and does love him? Or will their fragile marriage be torn apart?

This book is a part of my Nook library.

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