Sunday, January 12, 2014

"E-Book Reading Challenge 2014"

"E-book Reading Challenge 2014."

This is just my own personal reading challenge...I am going to try to read some of my e-books each month. However, I have a lot of paper books on my TBR pile I would like to get read in 2014,  because that pile just keep growing, and I will soon run out of room for anymore paper books.

1. Hired By The Cowboy, by Donna Alward (Nook)
2. Undressing Mr. Darcy (Kindle) 
6. The Vicar's Wife (Kindle)
7. The Impossible Wish (Kindle)
8. Recovery (Kindle)
9. A Scandal In Bohemia (Bluefire)
10. I Love My Dog (Kindle)
11. Tea With Emma (Kindle)
13. Bluebonnets for Elly (Kindle)
14. The Dream (Nook)
17. The Secret Pool (Nook)
19. Daddy-Long-Legs (Kindle)
20. The Earl Next Door (Kindle)

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  1. I have so many books on my Kindle and Nook it's scary!