Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"What's On Your Nightstand?"

While visiting Suko's Notebook blog this morning she was discussing "Dealing With Bedside Books." So decided to take a picture of my Reading Corner in my bedroom. Even though my nightstand looks a bit cluttered it holds all I need right at my fingertips. My books I haven't read yet are on the bookshelves right next to my reading chair. So I guess you could say; "I'm pretty much self-contained when it comes to my Reading Corner. 

On my nightstand I have my iPad, Nook, Kindle and the book I am currently reading, as well as remotes, and pens and pencils. I guess you could say I am a happy reader.

How about you, what is on your nightstand?


  1. Hi Gigi Ann! I love your reading corner. Your nightstand IS organized and functional, as I pictured it would be. At the moment I don't have any books on my nightstand...been kind of busy writing, instead of reading! :)

  2. Nice pic Gigi Ann! Your reading space looks organized.
    I've got a few books on my bedside table. One of which I just finished reviewing.

  3. It looks so warm and cozy--the perfect spot for reading! :)

  4. I love that you have a comfy chair beside your nightstand! I have some of the same things that you have BUT I don't have a Nook AND a Kindle - lucky you!
    Let's see, my nightstand also has my Nook, any book I'm reading, my Journal and cup of fountain pens and a little notepad.
    I love the subject of your Blog today----its one of those "why didn't I think of that" subjects!

  5. wow yours is so organised and cute, I won't take a pic of mine as it has lots of rubbish on it. MEds for the current virus I am battling. 2 books I read a while ago. Vicks vapo rub, a framed pic of me and other half. It also needs dusted