Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Crocheting and A Surprise"

It seems I have been neglecting my Reading and My Reading Corner lately. One of the reasons is... My Daughter-in-law was visiting Goodwill a few weeks ago and found some yarn very reasonably priced (cheap) and bought it knowing she could get me to make her an afghan, like she said, I needed something to do this winter.  She knows I like to crochet when the weather gets cold. The blanket will blend nicely with her living room furniture.

Now on to the surprise...One of my favorite authors, Jodi Thomas, had a contest on her blog, well here is what it said:

                                   PROMISE ME TEXAS
When I (Jodi Thomas) began PROMISE ME TEXAS, I started with the notion that sometimes your whole life turns on one moment in time. Sometimes that one choice you made may have led you down a road you never dreamed you'd travel.

Please send me your remembrance of a time you took the path less traveled and ended up in a most delightful place. Five winners will be randomly selected to win a special "surprise."

I hope everyone enjoys PROMISE ME TEXAS, due out November 5. It will take you on an adventure that will make you smile and maybe just laugh out loud.
Well to make a long story short I left my comment, and was one of the five chosen to receive a surprise gift. And now the pictures of the surprise gift, I love it.

We never can have to many post-it notes, and I just love the little fliers, I use them to mark where I left off with my reading. A big  THANK YOU to Jodi Thomas.


  1. Lovely afghan! Enjoy your great gift from Jodi Thomas, Gigi Ann!

  2. The afghan is beautiful, great colors. I am working on a ripple stitch one as well.
    Nice gift too!