Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Nursing A Grudge"

Bringing up baby—bringing down a killer.
Kate Connelly would like nothing more than to cuddle with her new baby, except to solve her next case and become a bonafide P.I. She gets her chance when San Francisco’s hottest critic writes a particularly scathing review about the trendy new restaurant, Philosophie. The critic’s boyfriend falls to his death under mysterious circumstances from Painted Rock Cliff, and Kate fears that the restaurant critic may be targeted next. Battling sleep deprivation, diaper blowouts and breastfeeding mishaps Kate muddles through her own investigation, Mommy style!
My Thoughts...
This is the fourth book I've read in this series, "A Maternal Instincts Mystery" by Diana Orgain. I have enjoyed all four books, and even though this is a series, each book is also a stand alone book as well, and I really like that when I read series books.
Just because this book is about a modern mom trying to juggle being a mom and a career as a P.I. don't let that fool you into thinking this is a warm and cute book about baby and mother. It is much more than that. I found this book was fast-paced, fun, suspenseful, with just enough humor to make me chuckle now and again. And as always the fun is in trying to figure out "whodunit". It was a delightful cozy mystery to read.
This book is part of my Kindle library, and I enjoyed it so much I awarded it 4 stars.
I had asked Diana to let me know when this book was published and she did. My thanks to Diana Orgain for making me aware of her new book so I could keep up with this entertaining fourth installment in this series.

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  1. I enjoyed your review, Gigi Ann. This does sound like a very good "cozy".