Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"The Last Original Wife"

Leslie Anne Greene Carter is the last original wife among her husband's group of cronies. They've all traded in their first wives-the middle-aged women they long ago promised to love and cherish 'til death did them part-for riper peaches: younger . . . blonder . . . more enhanced models.

Leslie is proud of her status and the longevity of her marriage. Sure the spark isn't quite as bright and sometimes takes a little longer to flame. And it wouldn't be too much to ask if her husband paid just an itty bit more attention to her desires. But there's something to be said for a comfortable and deeply familiar relationship. Or at least she thinks until the day, out golfing with her husband and his friends, she slips into a manhole. And nobody realizes that she's gone.

That one misstep opens Leslie's eyes to the sham her perfect life has become. No longer will she be invisible. No longer will she accept being taken for granted. With the healing powers of South Carolina's lush white beaches, candy-colored sunsets, and fiesty and funny residents, Leslie is going to transform herself and reclaim the strong, vibrant, sexy woman she was meant to be.

My Thoughts...

This was the first time I've read anything by this author. It was a fun book that I read while on vacation this July. It was just the right kind of reading while on vacation, not a deep thinking kind of book, and that was just what I needed since my brain goes to mush when I'm on a vacation. It was a light fluffy cotton candy book. Fun, entertaining, but not much substance to the story. But, it did have it's fun moments, even a few LOL moments...

It was a 5 star vacation kind of book, but overall I found it just a 3 star book, like I said it was entertaining in it's own unique way. 

This book is part of my Nook library.

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  1. Really? I love DBF! I thought this book was good in that it presented both sides in the marriage. I couldn't get over how totally clueless her husband was. I enjoyed it a lot.