Monday, May 20, 2013

"The Fine Color of Rust"

Set in the Australian bush, a wryly funny, beautifully observed novel about friendship, motherhood, love, and the importance of fighting for things that matter. Loretta Boskovic never dreamed she would end up a single mother with two kids in a dusty Australian country town. She never imagined she’d have to campaign to save the local primary school. She certainly had no idea her best friend would turn out to be the crusty old junk man. All in all, she’s starting to wonder if she took a wrong turn somewhere. If only she could drop the kids at the orphanage and start over . . . But now, thanks to her protest letters, the education minister is coming to Gunapan, and she has to convince him to change his mind about the school closure. And as if facing down the government isn’t enough, it soon becomes clear that the school isn’t the only local spot in trouble. In the drought-stricken bushland on the outskirts of town, a luxury resort development is about to siphon off a newly discovered springwater supply. No one seems to know anything, no one seems to care.

With a dream lover on a Harley unlikely to appear to save the day, Loretta needs to stir the citizens of Gunapan to action. She may be short of money, influence, and a fully functioning car, but she has good friends. Together they can organize chocolate drives, supermarket sausage sizzles, a tour of the local slaughterhouse—whatever it takes to hold on to the scrap of world that is home. Warm, moving, and funny, The Fine Color of Rust is “a story about love: where we look for it, what we do with it, and how it shows up in the most unexpected packages”

My Thoughts...

Without the synopsis of this book above I would have trouble trying to decide what this book was about. I did not find this book 'wryly funny' as I struggled through reading the WHOLE book, why? Because I bought it with my hard earned money and decided I was going to read it no matter how long it took me to get it read. 

I found in this book a lot of whining about the heat. A lot of ranting, moving from one situation to another. Many times I got a bit lost in the story and had to back up and try to figure out..."What is she ranting or whining about now?" I was never drawn into the story, it was boring, boring, boring, but I must say after a week and a half I finished the book. I awarded myself 5 stars for finishing it, and one star for the boring book. 

I realize I was a bit harsh with this review, but when I set down to read I want to be entertained...Not whining and ranting about who knows what. I decided to read this book because it had many 4 and 5 stars reviews, boy was I disappointed. I wonder if we all read the same book. 
This book is part of my Nook library.


  1. Gigi Ann, thanks for revealing your true thoughts about this book. I hope the next one is more to your liking!

  2. That's too bad! Hope the next one is better for you.