Friday, April 19, 2013

Where Am I?

Where am I? It appears I have been neglecting "My Reading Corner" lately. However, I really haven't...

 I've just been busy in my little corner of the world reading. And I post about all the books I read on my other blog "Book Lust Journal"

Today, we took a little shopping trip to the Mall, as I was meandering through B&N I picked up these two books.  (I really need more books! Well, as any bookie knows we just cannot have to many books.)
The first book is a book for my Titanic memorial reading since April is the anniversary of that sobering disaster. The book was first published in 1912, and this is a reproduction of the 1912 memorial edition edited by the great descriptive writer Marshall Everett and published immediately after the event occurred. This collectible volume gives a sobering account of the disaster, detailing exciting escapes from death and acts of heroism.  I plan on making it my week-end reading this week-end.

The other book is suppose to be a warm, breezy romantic comedy with just enough mishap and plenty of adorable four-legged creatures, about a "City Girl, Country Vet." Sounds like a fun time in the country to me... So I'm not missing just busy reading and eating chocolates...


  1. Gigi Ann, I hope you enjoy your reading this weekend! I hope to spend time reading as well (at least in the evenings).

  2. Happy reading. City Girl, Country Vet has a cute cover. I've been neglecting my blog lately as well. Just been busy with other things, but hope to catch up soon.