Monday, April 22, 2013

"Unsinkable" My Thoughts

The definitive memoir by legendary actress and performer Debbie Reynolds—an entertaining and moving story of enduring friendships and unbreakable family bonds, of hitting bottom and rising to the top again—that offers a unique and deeply personal perspective on Hollywood and its elite, from the glory days of MGM to the present

Unsinkable shines a spotlight on the resilient woman whose talent and passion for her work have endured for more than six decades. In her engaging, down-to-earth voice, Debbie shares private details about her men and money troubles, including building and losing her Las Vegas dream hotel and her treasured Hollywood memorabilia collection. Yet no matter how difficult the problems, the show always goes on.

Debbie also invites us into the close circle of her family, speaking with deep affection and honesty about her relationships with her children, Carrie and Todd Fisher. She looks back at her life as an actress during Hollywood's Golden Age—"the most magical time you could imagine"—including her lifelong friendship with the legendary Elizabeth Taylor. Here, too, are stories that never reached the tabloids about numerous celebrities, such as Ava Gardner, Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra, Mick Jagger, Gene Kelly, and many more. She takes us on a guided tour through her movies with delightful, often hilarious behind-the-scenes anecdotes about every film in which she was involved, from 1948 to the present.

Frank and forthright, and featuring dozens of previously unseen photos from Debbie's personal collection, Unsinkable is a poignant reminder that there is light in the darkest times. It is a revealing portrait of a woman whose determination is an inspiration.

My Thoughts...

What can I say?  I have always enjoyed Debbie Reynolds movies. I remember at 11 years old my aunt, uncle and cousin taking me with them to the movie "Singin' In The Rain". How we all loved that movie. My cousin and I talked about it for days on end.

When I was 16 I just had to get to a theater to see Debbie and Eddie in "Bundle of Joy" I remember taking a Greyhound bus to a town 30 miles away  from my home to see Debbie and Eddie in that movie. It was another favorite movie of mine at that time in my life. Most of the other movies I've seen of Debbie's I've viewed on TV movie channels, esp. TCM.

Personally I enjoyed reading this memoir "Unsinkable" about Debbie.  She still looks as beautiful at 81 years young as she did when I first saw her in 'Singin' in the Rain' all those many years ago. It only seems like yesterday....Where did the time go?

I enjoyed this book so much I awarded it 4****

This book is part of my Nook library. 


  1. Wonderful review, Gigi Ann. I like the personal story you added about taking a long bus ride to see D.R. in a movie.

  2. This sounds like a great memoir. I remember Singin' In The Rain with Gene Kelly. It's nice that you had a personal connection with this book.
    Great post.