Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Musing Mondays"

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Do you have a system as to which books to read from your “requested review pile?  What is it?  What about when there are too many to read in a certain time frame? {apologies to those who don’t review}
I really don't read many "requested review books." I have a few coming up on book tours. (notice on my sidebar) I read those books when I receive them, write my thoughts while they are fresh in my mind, and post them on the day of the book tour. I try not to request more books than I can read in the amount of time required. 
I really don't like reading "requested review books." I find it stressful, and I read for fun and entertainment. I don't always like the books I requested to read and review, so that makes it doubly stressful for me to write a favorable review, but I always try to be honest and kind even if it isn't a book I really liked.
Do you have a system you follow when reading "requested review books?"


  1. I agree with you, it can become stressful. I know my problem is the inability to say NO.

  2. I have started saying "no" to review requests, especially if the books don't sound like my cup of tea, or if I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed reminds me of my thirty year career, and I'd rather not go

    What to do about those that just show up unsolicited? I have turned "hard-hearted" and taken the attitude that I'll get to them when I can!


  3. I completely understand what you mean about being stressful. i think I'm going to cut back a little but sometimes I just can't help it I want to read as much as I can!
    Cathy @ Addicted to Books

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  4. Yes the stress when you do not like a book but made a promise. Can totally understand.

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  5. You're so right about disliking review books! I hate to give a book a poor review when the author was kind enough to send me a copy, but I always decide that honest recommendations to my readers are my primary obligation.

  6. I don't really review books, because I can't take the pressure.

  7. I know what you mean about the issues with requested reviews...I have cut way back ..

  8. Wonderful musing today! I also try not to accept too many books for review.

  9. I started to kindly say no to many book review requests because it was becoming stressful with meeting deadlines.
    I do still accept some books for review, but only ones that seem like something I'd really love to read. Then I read them in the order I received them.
    Happy Monday :)

  10. I agree with you - reviewing can be stressful and I'm now trying to learn to say no.