Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"The Twelfth Child" My Thoughts

Trust, love and friendship—Abigail Anne Lannigan searched for these things all her life; now, when she is at the tail end of her years she teams up with a free-spirited young woman, a nobody from nowhere, who suddenly moves in across the street. It’s an unlikely friendship which comes under suspicion when a distant relative, claims embezzlement. One million dollars is missing and only Abigail knows the truth of what happened – but, she’ll never get the chance to tell. The Twelfth Child, a novel rich with emotion, humor and tenderness, explores the splintered relationships of a Shenandoah Valley family and their willful daughter’s struggle to survive America’s Great Depression and overcome the past.

My Thoughts....

"The Twelfth Child" is the first book I've read by this author, Bette Lee Crosby. It is the story of friendship, lost love, and dysfunctional family relationships. Abigail Anne Lannigan was a free-spirited, independent woman. But perhaps out of place in the rural mountain life of the early 1900's. Her father was very cruel to her and at age 16 she choose to run away from home to Richmond, VA and work for an older lady.  

In the opening chapter the elderly Abigail develops a friendship with Destiny Fairchild, a young woman in her early twenties.

The book moves back and forth from the past to present situations in the telling of the story. It was a fast paced story and a quick read. I enjoyed the storyline about the friendship that Abigail and Destiny formed. Even though their was quite an age difference between the two women, I found it believable, because I have friends of all ages, so I didn't have a problem with that.

The one issue I had with the story is that the reader doesn't discover that Abigail is already dead until midway through the story, now that came as a surprise to me. I almost quit reading the book at that point since "paranormal" is a genre I do not read.  It seems the dearly-departed Abigail is watching over the proceedings of her friend Destiny at a civil trial. The reason I finished the book is because I told the author I would be honored to read her book and post my thoughts about it. Another reason is Abigail wasn't talking to Destiny or anyone else, she was just watching what was happening at the trial. But, I still wish there was some other way the story could have been presented to make it more real to me. That part of the story more or less ruined the story for me. Otherwise, I enjoyed the storyline in this story.

I would like to say "Thank you" to the author, Bette Lee Crosby for sending me this book to read and give my honest thoughts about. 

This book is now part of my personal library.

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