Monday, September 24, 2012

"Musing Mondays"

This week’s musing at Should Be Reading –courtesy of– asks…
Do you have any hobbies outside of reading?
Or do you collect anything?

Actually, the only hobbies I have outside of reading would be blogging, and crocheting. When I crochet I usually listen to audio books, so I guess you could say I have two hobbies going at once. I suppose the only thing I collect anymore would be my books. Here is a stole I crocheted for myself two years ago. I haven't crocheted much since, but a few afghans, baby blankets and a baby snugglie, three years ago for a great-granddaughter. 

Kaia is now 3 years old, she no longer fits into the snugglie.

I usually break the stole out in the Fall and the Spring, when I don't need a coat, but there is a chill in the air. 

Hey! Do you have a hobby or are you a collector?


  1. I find crocheting relaxing. Didn't do any last winter, maybe this year. Have a fantastic week.

  2. The baby snuggly is adorable (so is Kaia!). I collect teddy bears, nesting dolls and charm bracelets. I like to scrapbook and listen to audiobooks, but that is more of a winter activity for me.

  3. you need to make her a bigger snuggly (she is so, so cute)..and one for me

  4. How pretty!

  5. Oh, Kaia is so adorable!!! Your crocheted creations are lovely!

  6. Great picture of your great-granddaughter. Thanks for visiting.

  7. awww...she looks so cute in her crocheted snuggie.
    Pretty stole too :)
    Besides reading, crocheting is my other favorite pastime too.

  8. Love that cute picture!

    I don't crochet, but I wish I did. I like to collect dolls and teddy bears. For my hobby, besides reading, I guess it would be blogging.

  9. My mom loved to crochet. I wish I'd had her teach me how.

    Love the name Kaia. She was such a cute baby!

  10. Your great grandaughter is so adorable! The snuggli is very pretty - looks soft and cuddly. Have a good week!