Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Booking Through Thursday"

Do you bring the book(s) you’re reading with you when you go out? How? Physically, or in an e-reader of some kind? Have your habits in this regard changed? (I know I carried books with me more when I was in school than I do now–I can’t read while I’m driving to work, after all.)
I almost always take a book with me when I leave home.  The only exception is if we are invited out for a meal, or fun and games at someone's home. 
What book do I choose to take with me? Whatever I am currently reading is the book of choice, whether it happens to be in book form or on an e-reader.
My habits have changed in this regard. How?  A few years back I never carried a book with me when I left home. However, today I carry a book with me because I don't do as much walking as I use to, I don't have the energy I use to, therefore I do a lot more setting and waiting now, so time goes by so much faster with a book in hand.
I guess to sum this up in as few a words as possible, I would say, "I never leave home without a book!"
Do you bring a book with you when you leave home?


  1. I always have a book, too; an exception might be if I'm driving a few blocks to get the mail and coming right back home.

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  2. Yes, it depends on the situation your in, when traveling you definitely need a book around.

  3. I do usually bring a book with me, but I don't always get a chance to read it!

  4. I'm same as you. Whatever I'm reading goes with me. Usually it's a book, not my Kindle.

  5. I'm always with a book. My current read is the one I take whether it's a print book or my e-reader.

  6. On my commute to and from work I always have a book with me, but I have an e-reader and the kindle app on my phone, so in theory, I am never without access to a book. Provided I remembered to charge my phone.

  7. I always carry my current read with me too :)