Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Booking Through Thursday"

Jamie asks:
What was the most emotional read you have ever had?

I had to think about this for about 3 seconds. The first book that came to my mind was......
Kristin Hannah's book "NIGHT ROAD." This book was a roller coaster ride, so to speak. I read this book in September 2011, and it still stirs my emotions each time I think about it. Here is where you can find my review. 

"NIGHT ROAD"  is a vivid, emotionally complex novel that raises profound questions about motherhood, identity, love, and forgiveness. It is a luminous, heartbreaking novel that captures both the exquisite pain of loss and the stunning power of hope. This is Kristin Hannah at her very best, telling an unforgettable story about the longing for family, the resilience of the human heart, and the courage it takes to forgive the people we love.

What was the most emotional read you have ever read?


  1. I loved that one, too! I knew I would be reminded of others after I started hopping around.


  2. Sounds like a fascinating read :)

  3. Captain Corelli's Mandolin. I just about split my sides laughing and then I cried at the cruelty and stupidity of war.

    Will look that book up Ann, haven't heard of it.

  4. I'll have to add that Kristin Hannah book to my wish list!
    Oen of the most emotional fictional books I have read was She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. I enjoyed it so much, I read it twice.

  5. I haven't read this, but my wife has. Maybe I should sneak it off her shelf and have a look! My BTT: