Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"July Reading Wrap-Up"

I can't believe it is already July 31st, where did this year go? It seems each month whizzes by faster and faster, or is it because I am older it just seems to whiz by faster. I am looking forward to my month of August reading. I am calling it my "Jane Austen" month of reading. I plan on reading things by Jane Austen, things about Jane Austen, anything related to Jane Austen in the title of the book, or sequels to her books. I doubt I will get all the books on my 'Jane Austen' pile read this month, but I am devoting most of my reading to her. I have two ARC books to read this month as well, so other that those two books...here I come Jane Austen...

Now to the July Wrap-Up. Below is what I read in July.
If you click on the book title it will take you to my review...
                              1. Marrying Daisy Bellamy, by Susan Wiggs***
 2. The Summer Hideaway, by Susan Wiggs*****
3. Pick Your Poison, by Leann Sweeney*****e-book
5. This Pen for Hire, by Laura Levine***e-book
6. 311 Pelican Court, by Debbie Macomber****
7. 50 Harbor Street, by Debbie Macomber****
8. 6 Rainier Drive, by Debbie Macomber****
9. 74 Seaside Avenue, by Debbie Macomber****
10. Riversong, by Tess Hardwick****e-book
11. 8 Sandpiper Way, by Debbie Macomber****
12. 92 Pacific Boulevard, by Debbie Macomber*****
I enjoyed my month of reading and look forward to another fun summer reading month in August. Happy Reading Everyone!!!


  1. You did wonderful for July Gigi Ann, lots of Debbie Macomber books in there!
    I adore Jane Austen and I like the Asuten spinoffs. Happy Austen reading for August, thats a nice idea.

  2. You had a month full of reading! I hope August is equally wonderful for you in this respect.

  3. Great reading month! Looks like you got caught up on Cedar Cove. I am so behind on the series. I have a book to add to your JA month. Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James.