Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"In The Bag" Review

A European vacation. A luggage mix-up. A note from a secret admirer.
Meet two single parents who think they're too busy to date.
And two teenagers who can't stop writing flirty emails.
This is a tale of connections—missed and made—in a universe that seems to have its heart set on reuniting Ms. 6B and Mr. 13C.
Webb I can't believe I picked up the wrong bag at the airport. My dad is never going to let me hear the end of it.
Coco I don't understand why Mom told me to pack my worst underwear. And now I've lost my bag? Ack!
Andrew I cannot stop thinking about that woman in seat 6B on the flight to Paris.
Daisy I don't have time to worry about the creep sitting in 13C who slipped a note in my purse. I have to find my daughter's missing bag before this ruins our vacation.
"In the Bag" is a smart and stylish story that explores the old-fashioned art of romance in a modern world, where falling in love can be as risky as checking a bag on an international flight. Buckle your seat belt—it's going to be a bumpy vacation!

My Thoughts...
I happened across a delightful review of this book at Poofbooks a few days ago and I just had to order it on my little Nook. I was not disappointed. I loved this book, it was a light and fluffy read, but so enjoyable, it was also a fun delightful and charming staycation book for a summer's day reading. It was a vacation in a book. Did I say I loved this book and I awarded it 5*****

I own this book and it is part of my Nook library.


  1. I read a few positive reviews for this book and know I have to put it on my summer book stack!

  2. It sounds like you truly enjoyed this book, and the staycation it provided. :)

  3. It sounds like a fun summer read :)

  4. Haven't heard of this one before, but love your review so it's going on my list.

  5. I haven't read a light & fluffy book for a while... Maybe I should try this one! :)

  6. This sounds like a book I would LOVE! Thanks for turning me onto it!