Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Booking Through Thursday"

A while ago, I interviewed my readers for a change, and my final question was, “What question have I NOT asked at BTT that you’d love me to ask?” I got some great responses and will be picking out some of the questions from time to time to ask the rest of you. Like now.
What are your literary “pet peeves”?

I'm not really sure if I'm understanding this question correctly. However, I will charge ahead and try to think of some "pet peeves" I have...

So here I go....I don't like a lot of unnecessary details, and I REALLY don't like it when authors use swear words, and the "f" word. I find it ruins a good storyline. I prefer a good story without all the bad language thrown in as filler. If it becomes to often I don't finish reading the book, and if I do finish the book, it receives a bad rating from me. I don't talk that way in my everyday life, so why would I want to read a story filled with bad language? I think those are my two biggest "pet peeves."

How about you, what are your "pet peeves"?


  1. Unnecessary details are terrible! And too much foul language is not very pleasant to read.
    You can see my pet peeves here
    Happy reading!

  2. I don't mind bad language as long as it's used for a reason, and it's the way the character talks. If its thrown in just for effect, that bugs me. My peeves are here: Small Blonde Hippy

  3. Great pet peeve. I guess not reading much modern fiction I have not come across that so thanks for the warning. Here is my peeve:

  4. Good one.

    I normally don't mind bad language if it is part of the characters speech or personally. But just thrown in expletives are unnecessary.

  5. Details..didn't think of that one. But I have had thoughts as to why sometimes so many details that aren't necessary. Good point!!

  6. I completely understand what you mean. Personally it doesn't bother me because I tend to talk that way sometimes. But I understand what you mean, there is a time and a place. Here’s my BTT
    Cathy @ Addicted to Books

  7. Sometimes a particular character might use bad language, and if it fits that character, I might put up with it...but if the whole book is like that, then I think it's the author's "voice" coming through.


  8. I also dont like unnecessary details. I dont mind a few swear words here and there but when its filled with them I dislike that also!

    New follower via GFC!

    My BTT

  9. I am not a big fan of foul language either. I tried to read a book entitled Push which was made into the film Precious and I just couldn't get through it because of all the language.

    Here is my BTT

  10. Bad language is unnecessary.

  11. Hi Gigi Ann,

    I think that sometimes the bad language is in keeping with the character and to have him or her 'speak' out of character, would damage the integrity and authenticity of the story. I don't like foul language being used just for the hell of it, as that simply says to me, that the author's grasp of vocabulary, grammar and spelling, probably leaves something to be desired!

    Great post,

  12. I hate the bad language as well. It's terrible when authors just throw it in there to be "cool" so it feels really out of place.

    Alison at The Cheap Reader

  13. It's rare that I think a book has too much detail but cursing is only appropriate at times. I don't talk like that, don't like others talking to me that way.
    Now, if the story is erotic, I expect certain words, including the f word, otherwise, it's not needed or appropriate. If there's fighting or you're dealing with a gangbanger or something then it's flavor, and while I don't like it, I understand.

  14. Swearing doesn't bother me, though unnecessary detail does annoy me - and that's coming from a description junkie.

    My BTT.

  15. The bad language doesn't bother me if it makes sense I'm the characters dialogue. If its just thrown in there excessively, I don't like it. And too many details will always bore me. I also dislike heroines who are whiney and weak. Interesting post!

  16. I think you understood the question just fine. I agree with you about the language. Especially the f-word. I read one just last week or so where it just totally ruined the supposedly cozy mystery. Cozies are definitely books that I don't expect that sort of thing in.

    Here's my list: