Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Behaving Badly" Review

Saying all men are dogs is an insult to canines everywhere . . .
For animal behaviorist Miranda Sweet, pets beat people -- paws down -- and she's convinced that animals are sweeter, softer and a lot more predictable than the men she's been dating lately. So when she opens up her own animal clinic, she decides to focus on the species she understands, and forget about trying to fathom the murky depths of the male psyche.
While schizophrenic schnauzers and confused canaries are benefiting from her professional ministrations, her best friend Daisy is convinced that Miranda needs a little therapy, as well. Enter dishy photographer David. Even Miranda begins to think she may have been just a tad hasty in her analysis of men, and she finds herself reconsidering her position.
But just as she lets her guard down, her own past reappears, and Miranda must come to terms with the fact that she hasn't always been as sweet as she'd like to believe . . .
My Thoughts:
The first book I read by Isabel Wolff was "A Vintage Affair", which I read in 2010. Just a few weeks ago I read her book "The Very Picture of You", and I really liked both books, so I went hunting and found this book by Ms. Wolff "Behaving Badly", and I loved it. It was such a charming, and fun book to read. Of course having animals talked about throughout the book as well as a wonderful story made it a page turner for me. Did I say I loved this book?

I read this book for My Animal Reading Challenge. Now since I loved it I am awarding it 5*****

I own this book, it is in my personal library.


  1. Love the cover, this one sounds interesting.

  2. 'schizophrenic schnauzers and confused canaries'...this sounds like a cute read ;)

  3. So, Ann, how did you like this one? Lol!