Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Reef Runner" Review

Patty O'Donnell has everything she could want in life--a loving husband, a job she enjoys, and a year-old daughter she adores. An enemy from the past needs to make a lot of money quickly and believes he can use Patty's skills and talents. Forced to choose between life as his slave and her daughter's safety, Patty sacrifices her own future to save her child. Every step takes Patty deeper into a world of theft and deception. A scam on the Great Barrier Reef nets two very different results--financial gain, and the unexpected attention of a dangerous crime boss, who offers them both a choice. Serve him, or die.


I found this book full of adventure and suspense. It is the third book in the Patty O'Donnell Mystery series. It drew me right into the story from the first two sentences. "It wasn't my cousin Collin's face that caught my attention first. It was the cheesy mustache." (Collin is one of the bad guys.) 

This book has a lot of the same bad guys in it as the first two books in the series. Guys I grew to hate, I was hoping they would see their demise by the end of this book. But did they? You will have to read the books to find out the answer to that question. Once I started to read this book, I didn't want to put it down. It was a page turner from page one right to the last page. 

This book can stand on it's own, but would be much better if  you read the first two books in the series, Blood Money and Rio Star.

I enjoyed this book and gave it 3.5*** stars.

This book was provided to me by the author, Pepper Smith, to read and review. That in no way influenced my review.


  1. I always think books from series are better read in order too. Sounds like a fun one!

  2. Nice, concise review. This series sounds terrific.