Friday, August 5, 2011

"The Nosy Neighbor" Review

Lucy Baker walks away from her high-flying legal career when she successfully defends yet another heinous criminal. Almost a year after her life-changing decision, Lucy has never been happier. Leaving New York City for the suburbs, tending her garden and her dog, Lucy is making future plans with her fiancĂ©, Jonathan St. Clair -- and getting acquainted with her neighbors, including the handsome, exasperating one next door, Wylie Wilson. But when FBI special agents confront Lucy with shocking revelations about her fiancĂ©'s secret double life, everything about her husband-to-be is cast in suspicion. Recovering from a freak accident that has left her with a heightened sense of intuition, and getting closer than she ever dreamed to Wylie, Lucy must determine who to trust -- and fast, before someone breaks down her defenses and targets her...

As Fern Michaels books go, this one was a fun okay read. The book reminded me of the movie with Mel Gibson, "What Women Want" wherein he could read women's minds after an accident where he received an electrical shock. This kind of had that same feeling going in it. How so?  

The leading character, Lucy, after a fall on ice and bumping her head while a live electric wire touched the sole of her rubber boot  gave her a shock...which did something to her and thereafter, she could sometimes read peoples minds also, not always, but some of the time, which made for some humorous situations in the book. It was a book of fantasy, suspense, humor, and light romance. With Ms. Michaels books there are always pets, and this one was no different, there were two large dogs and one tiny Yorkshire thrown in the mix which made for some excitement and fun.

I read this book as one of my books for My Animal Reading Challenge.

As I said it was a fun summer read and I am giving it 3***

I bought this book and it is part of my private library.

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  1. I think I'd enjoy this one as well. I like the fact that pets are in the book.