Sunday, July 31, 2011

"The Widows of Wichita County" Review

Book Description:
An unforgettable journey of faith, strength and friendship.
Apart from sharing the same zip code, Randi Howard, Anna Montano, Meredith Allen, Helena Whitworth and Crystal Howard have absolutely nothing in common until a fiery explosion on a west Texas oil rig changes everything.
Their husbands are men who live to search for "black gold," men who are willing to exchange backbreaking work and long days for danger and excitement — and money. But on a blistering day in early autumn four of the men pay the ultimate price — leaving behind one man who wishes he had.
In one brief moment the tragedy binds Randi, Anna, Meredith, Helena and Crystal closer together than a lifetime of friendship. As they gather at the hospital, waiting to learn who among them will not have to bury her husband, they turn to one another for support. And so begins a journey of faith, of strength, of tears and of love.

My Thoughts: As always I enjoy Jodi Thomas' books, and this one was no exception. It centered around 5 Texas women. Four of the women's husbands were killed in an oil rig accident, and one husband was badly burned, but survived. 

The story moves along as we watch each widow deal with her grief in different ways, but always there to support each other through what ever problems they have to face. There were some twists and turns along the way, which gave a bit of suspense to the story.  But, as I said it was an enjoyable book to read, and I am giving it 4****

This book is part of my personal library.

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  1. I will have to add this one to my reading list. It sounds like a good one!