Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Silver Girl" Review


Meredith Martin Delinn's perfect life has taken a sharp downturn since it's been revealed that her husband, Freddy, cheated rich investors out of billions of dollars. Hounded by the press, shunned by society, and separated from her sons, Meredith has no one to turn to--except her onetime best friend, Constance Flute.

Although the two women have recently been estranged, Connie agrees to bring Meredith along to her waterfront house on Nantucket, where they take refuge from the outside world and rekindle a friendship forged decades earlier. Their girlhood dreams never included the messy, complicated realities of their lives today, when both women find themselves alone, for very different reasons.

But what begins as a season of retreat becomes a summer of second chances. Connie and Meredith, both determined never to let themselves be hurt again, find that resolve tested by a handsome young widower and the arrival of a blast from Meredith's past. And gradually they realize that their hearts may be broken, but they're still beating.

Set against the backdrop of a stunning Nantucket summer, the suspenseful story explores the power of friendship, the pull of love, and the beauty of forgiveness.

This book was like reading the morning headlines in the newspaper. Think Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme.
I found it a fun summer book to read, it was a page turner for me. I enjoyed the book and I'm giving it 4**** 
This book is from my personal library.  


  1. I'm still reading this...just haven't had much time for reading but I've been enjoying it. It really does feel like I'm reading about Madoff, though.

  2. I am on the fence about this book.

  3. I enjoyed this book too. I agreed with you on all topics, the Madoff, the summer read, the rating and I also liked the setting of Nantucket.