Monday, July 11, 2011

"The Past Between Us" Review

I hardly ever read Harlequin Romance Books,  however, I won this and two other books in a book giveaway at Yvonne's blog Socrates Book Reviews. Thanks Yvonne.

My Thoughts:
I was pleasantly surprised with this book, it was filled with suspense and drama from page one right to the end. It did have some light romance scattered throughout the book, but, it wasn't the hot and steamy kind that I detest. When I begin to read the hot and steamy books I never finish them, I just throw them in the trash can!

Cassandra "Cassi" Nolan and Thomas "Tommy" Bristol had grown up together in Bridgeport, West Virginia. At the age of ten, Cassi, is one of the popular kids from a rich family. She had also been the only person in school to walk up and talk to Tommy, and in time they became best friends. Tommy had been one of three white foster boys living with Mama Jo, a single black woman. Mama Jo had adopted the three kids with the worst personal histories.

Now Tommy is...FBI Agent Thomas Bristol, and Cassi is wanted by the law and he's tracking the little thief down. The former prom queen was always wild, even when she was befriending poor foster child Tommy. But he never thought she could turn this bad: swindling destitute old ladies out of thousands, jilting men after stealing their cash.

Cassi is claiming herself to be innocent of all charges. She has been on the run for two years. During that time she was doing her own investigating and collecting information on her stepfather, Lionel Vissher, who Cassi says murdered her mother to get the family's fortune. Even if she does profess her innocence...and her story is starting to make sense Thomas made vows to follow the law to the letter, and he won't let a word like love get in the way.

As I said I enjoyed this book, even though it was a Harlequin Romance book, I gave it 4****
This book is now in my personal library. 


  1. That's interesting. I always thought they were smutty! It does sound good though. Thanks :)

  2. I would have been suprised too!

  3. I've been trying to tell people that Harlequins aren't what you might think. Some of the lines have some really good, intense stories that aren't all about sex at all. The Harlequin Superromances (which this book is part of) have the longer more intense stories. They are my favorites. I'm glad you liked this one.