Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"One Good Dog" Review


One note. Three words. And Adam March's well-ordered life and will-laid plans are shattered.

Adam March has no room in his life for anything but the cold drive to succeed. Not for his social-climbing wife or for his rebellious teenage daughter. Then, in an instant, he loses everything. Due to an untimely collision of arrogance, stress, circumstance, and a momentary loss of self-control, Adam finds himself alone, unemployed, and reduced to bussing tables in a homeless shelter, serving men he'd always gone out of his way to avoid. 

One instant of opportunity... Enough for one dog to find his freedom. Chance was born in an inner-city cellar, a mix of pit bull and God-knows-what. Bred to fight, and good at it, he lived in a dank, dark, and vicious world. Not that he wished for something better; that world was all he knew. But when the moment presented itself, Chance escaped and made the most of it in a new life on the street, for a little while.

Two lives. Two second chances.... Thrown together, Adam and Chance fill the holes in each other's lives. Adam gives Chance his first real home, a haven he never could have imagined, while Chance gives Adam a new start. And a new heart....That's One Good Dog.

MY THOUGHTS: Susan Wilson tells a touching tale of loss and rediscovery, of true friendship and learning what's truly important in life. The story is about two fighters, one a man, one a dog...hoping to leave the fight behind. 

Finding each other they work through their problems, as told from Adams point of view, and also the dog tell's his point of view. I wasn't sure how that would work out, just about every other chapter was either Adams telling us what is going on with him and the next chapter was the dog, Chance telling us what he was thinking. Surprisingly it worked, pulling the story together. I enjoyed the book, but am only giving it 3*** because it was a bit predictable, but I found it a fun read for my "Animal Reading Challenge."

This book is from my own personal library.

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  1. Good review, Gigi Ann. I'm glad you enjoyed this book.