Friday, June 17, 2011

"Nathan's Run" Review

Nathan's Run will touch the heart of anyone who's ever reached out for a helping hand, battled against impossible odds, or searched for a sign that they, too, matter. Beginning with a savage killing at a suburban Virginia juvenile detention center, Nathan's Run hurtles 12-year-old Nathan Bailey through a terrifying gauntlet. Accused of murder and branded a cop killer, Nathan becomes the target of a nationwide manhunt even as a vicious hit man is closing in on him. Orphaned and alone, Nathan has nowhere to turn for help. To stay alive he can count only on himself: on his agility, natural cleverness and honesty. Ironically, the latter proves a formidable weapon as the boy endears himself to a national radios talk show host and, along the way, pleads his case to a rapt nation. Still, "justice" will not be denied, and as an army of police and a dogged contract killer draw closer, Nathan is tested to the very limits of his endurance.

My Thoughts: Thriller/Suspense is out of my comfort zone, but on the recommendation of my neighbor, I decided to read this book. I have to say that it was a page turner that I read in one day. I enjoyed the book, and I'm giving it 4**** 

This book is from my personal library. 


  1. I love thriller and suspense books so this one sounds really good to me.

  2. This does sound like a page turner. Great review!