Monday, June 27, 2011

"Musing Mondays"

This week’s musing is hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading asks…
Have you ever read a book that inspired you to take up a cause? What book was it, and what is/was the cause?
I wasn't going to play along today, because I can't think of a book that inspired me to take up a cause.  I read for fun and pleasure, and most of those books are not encouraging me to take up a cause. Although, I do like reading books with the theme of a thought provoking cause that the character may be a part of. (I hope that last sentence made sense.) Because, that is one of the reasons I like Barbara Delinsky's latest books, they always have such fascinating themes, but entertaining as well.

What are your feeling about this question today?


  1. I am pretty much with you. I like to read meaningful, thought provoking books but I mainly read for pleasure.

  2. I decided against participating in the Musing this week for the same reason...I do enjoy the causes that the characters take up in Delinsky, Picoult, and several other authors I love.

    Thanks for visiting my Monday Memes.

  3. I mostly read books for pleasure too, but once in a while read a memoir that inspires me.

  4. gosh, we seem to very much agree on this one...even to the point that I almost didn't play because my answer was too dull.
    not that I saying your

  5. I feel the same way you do. In fact, I didn't play along this week. I couldn't think of any causes since I read mainly for entertainment, although some of the books are more serious than others.