Friday, June 3, 2011

"HooKeD oN MuRDeR" Review"

Molly Pink is about to discover the joys of crochet. It's a relaxing escape from her hectic life as a bookstore event coordinator...and from the stress of being the latest murder suspect in Tarzana, California.

For Molly, the weekly crochet group at Shedd & Royal Books and More was just another event to manage. Then she stumbled across the body of group leader Ellen Sheridan. Molly's complicated past with Ellen has made her a prime suspect, and after being cuffed and questioned, she could use a diversion. Never mind that she doesn't know how to crochet. Granny squares don't look that hard to make...

But while Molly's fending off a detective with a grudge and navigating crochet-group politics, the real killer is at large. And it's up to Molly to catch the culprit-- before she winds up in a tight knot...

My Thoughts....It was a cozy little crocheting murder mystery that caught my attention. I liked that it was a crafty crochet mystery, since I love to crochet. However,  I think if you aren't interested in crocheting you  may find this book to be a little boring in parts.  The author, Betty Hechtman,  went into small details about crocheting, a few times, but, it was  a crocheting murder mystery, that being the theme of the book. While I was reading it I got out my crocheting and continued crocheting on my baby afghan. After all I am going to be a Gigi again in January 2012.

I have this book in my private library, I read it for my Just For Fun Reading Challenge for June. I enjoyed this book, because I am a crocheter, and I gave it 4****


  1. First off congrats on being a Gigi again soon!
    This book sounds so cute, I love crochet too. I've never read a crochet related book.

  2. I think I got my next book from you. It is making me laugh. I sure did like Hannah's List.
    We are having a new baby in Jan. 2o12 also.

  3. I like to crochet, too, although I haven't done it in a while. Terrific review! I hope you will take a photo of the baby afghan to share when it's finished. :)

  4. I love cozies, but I can't crochet, so this may not be for me.

  5. This sounds like a fun book to get into!